Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This was takin at the Poppies here in Alpine. I was so excited to take these for my great friend, I dragged her everywhere and we had a blast. Thanks Holly. I think they turned out AWESOME!

This was our 2nd stop at Moyle Park in Alpine. I love this spot!

I was way excited to find an old truck to take these. I think they are my fave!

This one I like. I focused on the grass and she was out of focus.Way cool!
Below I focused on her and the grass out of focus. FUN FUN!

I saw this spot on the way meeting Holly. I dragged Holly everywhere. Thanks Holly!

Below is one of my faves. But as you can see I had a hard time just choosing a few!

This was takin at the Railroad tracks. I have been waiting along time to find a reason to take them there. I really think they turned out really well. This was the last place we went.

We were about to get in the car and Hol says " there is a fire hydrant" we were thinkin the same thing. I think they turned out well.

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